Let your everyday become play

clothes line

The importance of not over stimulating and over scheduling your young child  is highlighted in ‘Learning is child’s play’.  They highlight the importance of including your child in everyday activities, describing their world and making sure they experience a range of sensory experiences.

Their play suggestions:

  • Play and learning needn’t to be limited to toys or specific child activities.  Everyday activities such as gardening, hanging out the washing and baking can provide opportunity for learning and exploration.
  • Take the time to stop, watch and describe everyday occurrences that attract your child’s attention (e.g. watching a digger, birds in a tree, other children playing).
  • Let your child experience a range of sensory activities such as playing in the sand at the beach, touching the bark on a tree and smelling flowers

Their toy suggestions:

  • Blocks
  • Play dough
  • Sand pit
  • Versatile dress up
  • Crayons or felt pens and paper

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