Book recommend: Brain Rules for Baby

brain rules for baby

We all want the best for our kids.  We want them to be happy babies and great kids who grow into confident adults. This book is a nice approachable read. It takes the science of child development and contextualizes it with great examples stories and anecdotes.

Here were a few salient points for me:

  • Empathy, empathy, empathy: teach your child empathy by being emphatic in your own relationships. You can do this by describing the emotional changes you see and make a guess as to where those changes came from.
  • Labelling emotions is neurologically calming.  Emotions should be acknowledged and named but not judged.
  • The brain is geared toward safety, not learning.  If children feel safe and secure in their environment then they can learn.
  • Praise effort not the result e.g. you’re getting so good at X, all that practice is really helping.
  • Talk to baby
  • Breast feed baby
  • Happy people have and maintain friendships
  • Babies/children have different temperaments so will approach situations differently. How you deal/ parent with this is really important.

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