What to expect from your child at 15 months

15mth walks alone

At Stella’s 15 month Plunket visit the nurse very nicely photocopied some sections from her book on development for me (Children’s developmental progress).  I found them really helpful

Posture and large movements

  • May walk alone, usually with uneven steps: feet wide apart, arms slightly flexed and held above head or at shoulder level for balance. NB: Infants who shuffle are usually delayed in walking. 
  • Lets self down from standing by collapsing backward with a bump or by falling forwards on hands and then back to sitting. Can get back to feet alone.
  • Creeps up stairs safely and may get down backwards
  • Kneels unaided or with support

15mth carries doll by leg15mth pushes large wheeled toy

Visual perceptual and fine motor

  • Demands desired objects out of reach by pointing with their index finger
  • Picks up small objects using the pincer grasp using either hand
  • May build a tower of two cubes after demonstration
  • Can take objects out of a container and replace fairly precisely e.g. pegs in holes
  • Grasps crayon with whole hand, using palmer grasp.  Uses either hand  and imitates to and fro scribble15mth grasps crayon15nth manipulates blocks

Speech, language and communication

  • Makes many speech like sounds
  • Says a few recognisable words
  • Appears to understand a few new words each week
  • Will sustain interest in pictures  in a book for two or more minutes if they are named
  • Understands and obeys simple instructions such as ‘don’t touch’, ‘come to dinner’, ‘give me the ball’
  • Points to familiar people, animals or toys when requested
  • communicates wishes and needs by pointing and vocalising or screaming

Social behaviour and play 

  •  Pushes large wheeled wheeled toy with handle on level ground
  • Explores properties and possibilities of toys, convenient household objects and sound makers with lively interest
  • Engages in functional play e.g. pushing toy car, pretends to drink from an empty cup, bangs with a toy hammer
  • Carries doll by limb, hair or clothing. Repeatedly casts objects to the floor in play or rejection and watches things fall. Looks for hidden toy.
  • Enjoys give and take games, including initiating teasing by offering and withdrawing an object. Physically restless and intensely curious  regarding people, objects and events. Points to share interest

Self care and independence 

  •  Holds and drinks from a cup
  • Attempts to hold spoon, brings to mouth and licks it but is unlikely to prevent it turning over
  • Chews well but continues to spill from mouth as lip closure not maintained
  • Helps more constructively with dressing
  • Needs constant supervision for protection against dangers owing to extended exploration of the environment

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