Flying with Children

flying with children

This is a really comprehensive article on flying with children. Here are a few tips that were particularly salient to me:

  • Stay in economy. There is more noise and greater acceptance of children/disruption. If you have the cash or the points use it to buy another economy seat.
  • Bulkhead, bulkhead, bulkhead! There is no seat in front, the possibility of a bassinet and more room for children to play.
  • Take a car seat. One assumes this is for a child with their own seat. I assume additional safety considerations aside, that because many children are accustomed to sleeping in their car seat that this would/could facilitate sleep.
  • Order a special meal.  Don’t assume children will eat standard meals. I would add to this, take snacks because you can’t assume your child will only be hungry at airline meal times.
  • Don’t take noisy toys. Some suggestions: colouring book, crayons, books and plastic animals.
  • If you have a lap sitting infant take turns holding baby while the other eats their meal.
  • Nappies: change when you have the chance.  The loos are busiest right after meal time and quietest right before meals and during the movie.
  • Soothing baby: try a walk around the cabin for the change of scenery

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